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Friday August 7th 2015 marks 17 years since the US Embassy bombings in East Africa. Caroline Muthoka Wavai and Lucky Baraka among others survived that tragedy. They have lived in Philadelphia area since 2004 and they still go through a lot of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

On that day, Caroline was seven months pregnant and bleeding profusely,  she was in a Kenyan hospital fighting for her life after she climbed over dead bodies through the bombed-out building next to the U.S. Embassy. 

On July 12th Caroline Muthoka- Wavai shared her experiences through songs at 2 p.m. She performed at the Sword of the Spirit Church of Living God at 71 S. Union Ave. in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, USA as she crusaded for peace throughout the world. She invited artists from all over the world that came to witness and sang songs of peace and praise. The event was attended by so many people from all nations.

Born and raised in Kenya, Muthoka -Wavai was working on the 19th floor of the Cooperative Building, next to the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, on Aug. 7, 1998, where she miraculously escaped death with her son Lucky Baraka.  Lucky, who was unborn, then, moved the crowd with his speech on how he got his name Lucky Baraka (Blessings). Despite being announced that he was not going to survive, God has seen him through to this point that he is a 10th grade student at the Newtown Marple High School. He has made it through treatment. Caroline is blessed with 3 children and her older son Kelvin, who was 4 years old then (1998) and who witnessed what the mother and his younger brother went through, still suffers the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder up to date and has always been bitter with what befell his family.

“Our building stood next to the embassy,” Muthoka-Wavai explained. “Many of the people died.  I had so many cuts on my body. There was a deep cut on my left eye. I almost lost one eye. I had so many cuts on my face, hands, legs, and stomach and had a blood clot on the uterus.” 

 “I still suffer pain from the experience, with severe discomfort on my head and hand. Glass keeps coming out of my body every now and then,” she said. Because glass is clear, the machines cannot detect them.”

Picking the pieces that were left she has chosen to advocate for peace for the whole world especially for Kenya her country that has suffered so much through terrorism. “It is my hope that nobody else would experience terrorist attack like I did with my son and the others that were affected. This is why I am praying for peace because without peace hatred will never end”. She pointed to the massacre in Kenya in April in whom 147 people were killed in an attack at a Carissa University College dormitory.  In 2013, the same group attacked the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, overtaking it for four days, killing 67 people and injuring more than 175. The gunmen were also killed.

Using her songs and story, Wavai is advocating for all to work towards Peace, Love and Unity.


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